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16 June 2009 @ 12:00 am
[~· Hello World! ·~]  
Hihi there~~!!!!!

This is not big deal n_n just a kind of 'first attempt of posting'' since I still don't know how this system works...hope this won't be hard n.nU hahahahaha.

So...hello everybody~~!!! I'm Katsumi and I'll be using this account from now on. I hope this will turn much fun! Not much to say now...uhmmm n_n I'll upload whatever is inside my mind I think n_nU...but anyway,I think I'd go for practices or fanarts and else when I have the time XD hahahaha~

*does the victory sign and runs to finish everything she has to*
So hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to check~   Now come to save the city along with me! I'm sure you'd be better figthing cliché monsters! n_n

~· Godzilla attacks the city! Only one the brave ones can save it!..........we guess. ·~


Good luck~!!

Hope to see you ASAP ^O^)/~


By the way! Layout belongs to http://community.livejournal.com/thefulcrum/ because it's lovely, yeataaaaaaa~! ^O^)/
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